Creative Director


New York


About the Position:

Every client needs a great solution to solve their unique business problem. Your job is to lead a team of ultra-talented designers and art directors to find it, clean it up, and get it gleaming into one of those creative solutions that makes clients eyes light up (after, of course, you’ve used your excellent communication skills to help them “See the Light”). And, you understand the hard work and hard deadlines that go into making something shine. At VSA Partners, our people embrace these challenges because we love what we do. We’re looking for a CD that loves it too, as well as the team they work with day to day.


About Us:

We are a group of dedicated, collaborative and kind people that value smarts over egos. We work very hard to create human-centered, insight-inspired work that moves people, changes behavior, and answers real strategic problems. We started as a design firm over 30 years ago and operate today with a “design thinking" approach to everything we do. Formally, we’re a branding and marketing company that approaches business challenges holistically and aims to break down silos between branding, digital, marketing and advertising. Informally, we’re a group of closely-banded colleagues, who come together every day to make something great.


You’ll have quite a few, along with high expectations. But that doesn’t faze you. Every day, you will solve business problems with creative solutions, translating briefs to a team of designers. Your ability to conceptualize will be as crucial as your ability to oversee the development and execution of integrated creative. Your design savvy and creative direction will ensure and maintain a consistent, high quality level of work across multiple outputs. You will manage, coordinate, inspire and empower your team. You will also serve as the liaison between design and account, often bringing them together in collaborative sessions. You will push for the smartest, most insightful solutions with an “a-ha” quality, keeping the work focused on the client’s business goals and objectives. Your intimate knowledge of branding and best practices will enable your team’s creativity and allow you to identify potential growth areas on your account. Your personality will help shape and grow client relationships. Sometimes this will mean representing VSA in new business meetings. And, less a responsibility than an imperative—you’ll come to VSA with an open mind and heart, embracing what it means to work here with an insanely wonderful, intelligent bunch of folks. And, with your good humor, drive and candid demeanor, you’ll fit right in.


You’re the Right Creative Director for Us If…

  • You have a minimum of 10+ years of design experience, preferably in an agency or design firm setting.
  • You've been effectively managing and leading direct reports for 3+ years.
  • You play well with others, from clients to writers to strategists, and professionally at all levels of the company.
  • You bring knowledge of brand, marketing, and business principles to the table to inspire your team and your work.
  • Your creative mind can meld ideas into great work that gets noticed by the industry.
  • Your big ideas have legs, and you can make them walk the walk in print, digital and more.
  • You’re a stickler for quality. You strive to maintain the highest standards and you inspire others to keep pushing the bar higher.
  • You consider yourself a problem-solver, decision maker, fair critic, and excellent motivator.
  • You are detail and deadline-oriented, organized, strategic, and systematic
  • You have a semi-psychic ability to see problems coming and devise solutions.
  • You can take on multiple projects, prioritize, and delegate, and can keep your cool.
  • You’ve been called a “self-starter” or “driven” or “the best at what you do.”
  • You have a positive attitude and a commitment to high quality work, with the ability to distinguish between good and great.
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in Design or Visual Communications, Advertising on your wall or collecting dust somewhere.