VSA and Google have collaborated on numerous projects, with VSA as a branding and marketing partner across a variety of Google business divisions.

One of the most recent projects includes the Google for Education awareness global campaign. As the world becomes increasingly more digital, Google for Education aims to pioneer these changes, emphasizing that it’s imperative that students acquire apt digital skills early in their education. IT Administrators want the best technology in the classroom, but they’re often forced to make trade-offs between functional needs and aspirational goals. Google for Education’s products help elevate their role from support technicians to catalysts for collaborative learning by removing everyday constraints with such as time, budget and maintenance. The campaign is grounded by a playful theme of illustrations and the tagline “Ready, set, go!” inspires action in the classroom.

The Google team also engaged VSA to help define a new vision for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) brand that would differentiate it from its newly announced parent brand, Google Cloud. Designed to delineate clear space for the GCP brand to evolve, new strategy and positioning fuel a visual expression modeled on the concept “technician to technician.” Through this, the “Flux Capacitor” became the symbol of GCP’s three product categories—Data, Analytics and Machine Learning; Application Development; and Infrastructure and Operations—which come together to visually represent the connections GCP and its products help create and build.

Google for Education Videos

To best communicate the benefits of using Google for Education, a series of three videos were created. The videos feature playful illustrations that emphasize Chromebooks’, Classroom’s and G-Suite’s ease of usability from a learning standpoint, as well as in teaching and maintenance. Each spot highlights the quick and collaborative nature of the unified Google for Education product offerings—and how each feature gives back valuable time in the classroom.

Google for Education Banners and Direct Mail

Google for Education banner ads and direct mail efforts support the video components through the same series of illustrations seen in the videos. Color coordinated according to product (green for Chromebooks, blue for G-Suite and red for Google for Education as a general offering), the displays point out quick-hitting, bold reasons for why Google for Education is simply a superior way to educate.

Google for Education Websites

Each component of the campaign drives viewers to the Google for Education website, where visitors can further explore Google for Education features, success stories and products. The site maintains a consistent feel that balances the illustrations of the campaign with the overall Google brand character.

Google Cloud Platform Banners and Print

Banner and print activations for GCP feature nearly 800 different variations of the block structures, and are supported by bold and provocative headlines that quickly gain intrigue. In print, the iconic blocks take a static form, yet project the illusion of in-motion graphics.

Google Cloud Platform OLA Videos

A series of OLA videos flaunt the uniquely dynamic blocks, animating them into figures that conceptualize the accompanying copy. These fluid motions represent the flexibility of GCP to meet the needs of each GCP audience with efficient, secure and effective cloud software.